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Law Office Technology Textbooks

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The Lawyer's Ultimate Guide to Online Leads: Getting More Clients from the Web into Your Law Practice, Step-By-Step
by , Kindle Edition, 366 Pages, Published 2015 by Cartwright Publishing
EISBN: 9780986161308

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The Recovery Code: The Ultimate Guide for Addicted Professionals: How to Quit Using Drugs and Master Sobriety Without Going to AA, NA, CA, or Rehab (1th edition)
by , Kindle Edition, Pages, Published 2018 by www.TheRecoveryCode.com, 1th edition

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Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms (1th edition)
by , Kindle Edition, 260 Pages, Published 2004 by Oxford University Press, 1th edition
EISBN: 9780199883516

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Knowledge-Based Systems and Legal Applications (APIC)
by , Kindle Edition, 264 Pages, Published 2015 by Academic Press
EISBN: 9781483295343

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