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Slovenia Textbooks

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TRENCHES: Failed transition in Slovenia
by , Kindle Edition, 387 Pages, Published 2014 by Nova Obzorja d.o.o.
EISBN: 9789616942072

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War Changes Everything: The character, courage and survival of a Slovenian girl and her father during World War II
by , Kindle Edition, 393 Pages, Published 2014 by
EISBN: 9780990312710

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To Walk with the Devil: Slovene Collaboration and Axis Occupation, 1941-1945
by , Kindle Edition, 344 Pages, Published 2013 by University of Toronto Press
EISBN: 9781442660533

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The A to Z of Slovenia (The A to Z Guide Series)
by , Kindle Edition, 620 Pages, Published 2010 by Scarecrow Press
EISBN: 9781461731757

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Slovenes in Michigan (Discovering the Peoples of Michigan) (1th edition)
by , Kindle Edition, 106 Pages, Published 2017 by Michigan State University Press, 1th edition
EISBN: 9781628963052

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Styrian Witches in European Perspective: Ethnographic Fieldwork (Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic) (1st ed. 2017th edition)
by , Kindle Edition, 454 Pages, Published 2017 by Palgrave Macmillan, 1st ed. 2017th edition
EISBN: 9781137372505

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The Italian Army in Slovenia: Strategies of Antipartisan Repression, 1941–1943 (Italian and Italian American Studies) (2013th edition)
by , Kindle Edition, 217 Pages, Published 2013 by Palgrave Macmillan, 2013th edition
EISBN: 9781137281203

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Politicization of Religion, the Power of State, Nation, and Faith: The Case of Former Yugoslavia and its Successor States (Palgrave Studies in Religion, Politics, and Policy) (2014th edition)
by , Kindle Edition, 253 Pages, Published 2014 by Palgrave Macmillan, 2014th edition
EISBN: 9781137477866

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Croatian, Slovenian and Czech Constitutional Documents 1818–1849 / Hrvatski, slovenski i ceški ustavni dokumenti 1818–1849 / Hrvaški, slovenski in ceški ... Century to the Middle of the 19th Century) (Multh edition)
by , Kindle Edition, 310 Pages, Published 2010 by De Gruyter, Multh edition
EISBN: 9783110231212

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