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    Paperback Coverpage  image

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    Science a Closer Look Workbook (New edition), ISBN/EAN: 9780022840754 / 0022840753

    Paperback, 288 Pages, Published by Macmillan, New edition
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    ISBN-10: 0022840753 (0-022-84075-3)
    ISBN-13: 9780022840754 (978-0-022-84075-4)
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    A 5th grade science workbook that accompanies the textbook "Science a closer look" grade 5

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    BiggerBooks Used
     Book Seller: BiggerBooks
    Textbook Description: Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days
    $4.41 +$3.99 $0.18 $8.40
    ($8.22 incl. CB)
     Book Seller: Hippo Books
    Bookstore Rating: 4(of 5)
    Book Location: Toledo, OH, U.S.A.
    Quantity: 1
    Textbook Description: A readable copy. Quite a bit of ear and creasing. All pages intact.
    $6.75 +$2.46 $9.21
    BiggerBooks New
     Book Seller: BiggerBooks
    Textbook Description: Usually Ships in 3-4 Business Days
    $5.76 +$3.99 $0.23 $9.75
    ($9.52 incl. CB)
    eCampus New
     Book Seller: ecampus.com
    $5.88 +$3.99 $0.29 $9.87
    ($9.58 incl. CB)
     Book Seller: Clickgoodwill
    Bookstore Rating: 4(of 5)
    Book Location: USA, IN, Indianapolis
    Quantity: 1
    Textbook Binding: Hardcover
    Textbook Description: Good ships from US
    Notes: Very minimal damage to the cover no holes or tears, only minimal scuff marks minimal wear binding majority of pages undamaged minimal creases or tears. Book may have writing, underlining, highlighting, wear to cover and corners, notes in margins, writing.
    $6.71 +$3.99 $0.34 $10.70
    ($10.36 incl. CB)
     Book Seller: BNV's Books for Less
    Shipping Expedited: 6.85
    Book Location: USA
    Textbook Description: Macmillan. PAPERBACK. Good.
    $18.45 +$3.50 $0.55 $21.95
    ($21.40 incl. CB)
    Bookstore Type&Condition Book
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    Final price
    Displaying 6 of 6 copies. Show all» Lowest price $4.41, Higest price $18.45
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