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    Paperback Coverpage  image

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    New Perspectives on the Internet: Comprehensive (9 edition), ISBN/EAN: 9781111529116 / 1111529116

    Paperback, 560 Pages, Published by Course Technology, 9 edition
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    ISBN-10: 1111529116 (1-111-52911-6)
    ISBN-13: 9781111529116 (978-1-111-52911-6)
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    NEW PERSPECTIVES ON THE INTERNET has been updated to cover the newest releases of the three main web browsers including Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla F ... more »

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    Shipping Coupons Cash
    Final price 
    CengageBrain eBook
     Book Seller: cengagebrain.com
    Textbook Description: eChapter price - the price for each individual chapter
    $9.49 +$0.00 $0.57 $9.49
    ($8.92 incl. CB)
    TextbookRush Rent
     Book Seller: TextbookRush
    Bookstore Rating: 76% (65 user reviews)
    Textbook Description: Rent - 125 days (semester)
    $27.90 +$2.99
    ($27.90 incl. CB)
     Book Seller: Marketplace Rentals
    Bookstore Rating: 83% positive (of 25943 votes)
    Book Location: Multiple Locations
    Book Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Rental Duration: 120 days (semester)
    All rental periods available:
    Semester (125 days) price: $27.94
    Quarter (90 days) price: $26.21
    Book Availability: 1 items left
    Textbook Description: All orders ship SAME or NEXT business day. Expedited shipments will be received in 1-5 business days within the United States. We proudly ship to APO/FPO addresses. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
    Textbook Edition: Normal
    $27.94 +$3.95 $0.84 $31.89
    ($31.05 incl. CB)
    CengageBrain Rent
     Book Seller: cengagebrain.com
    Textbook Description: Rent - New (semester)
    All rental periods available:
    130 days - $ 34.49
    270 days - $ 39.99
    540 days - $ 42.99
    60 days - $ 27.49
    90 days - $ 30.99
    $34.49 +$3.99 $2.07 $38.48
    ($36.41 incl. CB)
    CampusBookRentals Rent
     Book Seller: CampusBookRentals
    All rental periods available:
    Semester (130 days): $40.36
    Quarter (85 days): $42.88

    Rental Duration: 130 days (semester)
    $40.36 +$0.00 $1.21 $40.36
    ($39.15 incl. CB)
     Book Seller: campusbookrentals (Rating: 94.6 % positive)
    All rental periods available:
    Semester (125 days): $40.21
    Quarter (90 days): $37.36
    Short term (60 days): $35.6
    Short term (45 days): $34.78
    Short term (30 days): $33.96
    Standart shipping: 3.49
    Expedited delivery available: yes($5.49)
    Book Location: Multiple
    Book Availability: 100 items left
    Textbook Description: We serve students on over 5,500 college campuses every semester! Highlighting and writing is OK! Get a tracking number with every order. Questions? Or just want to hear our voice? Call us toll free anytime at 855-200-0021 or email us at half@CampusBookRentals.com. Good luck with your classes!
    $40.21 +$3.49 $43.70
    ($43.70 incl. CB)
    BiggerBooks eBook
    180 days
     Book Seller: BiggerBooks
    Textbook Description: Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
    $50.95 +$0.00 -$2.55
    Use coupon:
    $1.94 $48.40
    ($46.47 incl. CB)
    eCampus eBook
     Book Seller: CourseSmart
    Rental Duration: 180 days
    Textbook Description: An electronic version of this book is available through CourseSmart. The book is viewable on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and most smartphones. By purchasing you will be able to view this book for 180 days, An access code will be sent to the email address assiciated with your account.
    $51.99 +$0.00 -$2.60
    Use coupon:
    $2.47 $49.39
    ($46.92 incl. CB)
    CengageBrain eBook
     Book Seller: cengagebrain.com
    $51.99 +$0.00 $3.12 $51.99
    ($48.87 incl. CB)
    skyo.com eBook
     Book Seller: skyo.com
    $51.99 +$0.00 $2.08 $51.99
    ($49.91 incl. CB)
    Chegg Rent
     Book Seller: Chegg
    Rental Duration: 122 days (Semester Rental)
    $48.49 +$3.99 $52.48
    ($52.48 incl. CB)
    Barnes&Noble Rent
     Book Seller: Barnes&Noble
    Textbook Description: Usually ships within 24 hours
    Rent - 130 days (Semester)
    Notes: FREE Return Shipping: Return shipping on rental textbooks is FREE using our easy-to-use UPS shipping labels.
    Return Policy: 21-Day no questions asked returns.
    Late Fees: If you don't return your book on time, we will automatically add a 15-day extension to your rental.
    $52.18 +$3.99 $2.09 $56.17
    ($54.08 incl. CB)
     Book Seller: CampusBookRentals.com
    Bookstore Rating: 5(of 5)
    Book Location: USA, ,
    Quantity: 10
    Textbook Binding: Hardcover
    Textbook Description: Rent - New (semester)Good. ships from US
    Notes: Free shipping. Trade paperback (US). Glued binding.
    $55.47 +$6.99 $2.77 $62.46
    ($59.69 incl. CB)
    BiggerBooks Rent
     Book Seller: BiggerBooks
    Rental Duration: 125 days (semester)
    Textbook Description: Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
    Other rental periods available:
    66 days - $ 70.72
    90 days - $ 79.57
    130 days - $ 88.40
    $70.72 +$3.99
    Use coupon:
    $2.69 $67.18
    ($64.50 incl. CB)
     Other marketplace offers: 20 New from $74.00 and 53 Used from $69.94
    Textbook Description: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
    $69.94 +$3.99 $73.93
    ($73.93 incl. CB)
    KnetBooks Rent
     Book Seller: KnetBooks
    Rental Duration: 120 days (semester)
    Other rental periods available:
    90 days (quarter) - $76.48
    $84.97 +$0.00 -$5.00
    Use coupon:
    $3.20 $79.97
    ($76.77 incl. CB)
    eCampus Rent
     Book Seller: eCampus
    Rental Duration: 120 days (semester)
    $85.83 +$3.99
    Use coupon:
    $4.08 $81.54
    ($77.46 incl. CB)
    Bookbyte Used
     Book Seller: Bookbyte
    Textbook Description: International Edition INTERNATIONAL EDITION;Same as 9781111529116;May include moderately worn cover, writing, markings or slight discoloration. *FREE shipping on this item*
    $77.25 +$3.65 $3.09 $80.90
    ($77.81 incl. CB)
     Book Seller: AllTextbooks
    Shipping Expedited: 15.00
    Book Location: USA
    Textbook Description: Thomson Wardsworth, 2012. softcover. Brand New. Brand New Textbook is still wrapped MINT in the plastic. Ship from Multiple Locations, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Shipping should take from 3-4 business days within US, Canada, UK, and other EU countries, 2-3 business days within Australia, Japan, and Singapore; for faster processing time, please choose to ship with Expedite. Thank you for looking![9116TMTheInternetORI]
    $69.97 +$10.00 $2.10 $79.97
    ($77.87 incl. CB)
     Other marketplace offers: 20 New from $74.00 and 53 Used from $69.94
    Textbook Description: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
    $74.00 +$3.99 $77.99
    ($77.99 incl. CB)
    Bookstore Type&Condition Book
    Shipping Coupons Cash
    Final price
    Displaying 20 of 67 copies. Show all» Lowest price $9.49, Higest price $177.27
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